APIs should be a delight

Yaak is a cross-platform desktop app for interacting with REST, GraphQL, and gRPC

screenshot of the desktop app

Simplicity and Power

Yaak's interface gets out of the way, surfacing the most important features exactly when you need them

Reusable Variables

Create multiple environments. Reference variables or secrets across requests.

Paste Curl Commands

Paste any Curl command into Yaak to import it into the current workspace.

Intelligent Autocomplete

Get suggestions for variable names, headers, and more. No more looking at docs.

Multiple Request Types

Interact with REST, GraphQL, and gRPC

Environment Variables

Define referencable variables in environments

Workspaces and Folders

Organize into workspaces and nested folders

Powerful Autocomplete

Suggestions for variable names and headers

Batch Send Requests

Quickly send all requests in a folder

Cookie Management

Persist cookies and create multiple jars

Multi-Window Workflow

Work on multiple workspaces at once

Visual Response Previews

Render HTML, images, and more

Responsive Design

Simple interface that adapts to any window size

Import From Other Apps

Get started from a variety of other apps

Paste Curl Commands

Paste a Curl command into the URL to import

Copy as Curl Command

Copy any request as a runnable Curl command

Binary Files

Send imagest and other files as request body

Local Data

All app data is stored locally on your machine

It's just the beginning

Yaak is a new app under active development, so be sure submit your ideas to the Roadmap!

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