Windows, Linux, and JSONPath

Version 2024.1.0

Yaak launched just a week ago, but there’s already some new stuff to check out! Let’s dive into the changes.

💽 Windows and Linux Support

Yaak now supports Windows and Linux—available now, from the Downloads Page.

Note: the Windows binary is unsigned so you will need to click through a warning dialog to install it.

🕵️ Response Body Filtering

You can now filter response bodies using JSONPath and XPath. This can be extremely useful for large responses where you only care about a small subset of data.

Fun fact, each of these filter mechanisms is implemented as a plugin so, when the plugin system is ready to go, you’ll be able to extend this as you wish!

🛠️ New Settings Dialog

Say hello to the new settings dialog for configuring preferences like auto-redirect, timeout, and TLS validation. Settings are divided into two sections: global and per-workspace, allowing you to have different configurations for different projects.

New settings dialog
New settings dialog

💁 Keyboard Shortcuts Help

One of Yaak’s goals is to be usable without a mouse. There’s still some work left to do in this area, but things are quickly heading in that direction. To learn the ropes, you can now press CmdOrCtrl+? to see a list of all the keyboard shortcuts available in the app.

Keyboard shortcut dialog
Keyboard shortcut dialog


  • Add support for custom HTTP methods
  • Add sidebar menu item to send the request
  • New and duplicated request now appear directly below the active one
  • Add hotkey hints to empty states
  • Switched icon pack from Radix to Lucide
  • Can now force-set appearance to dark or light
  • Compressed responses are now automatically decompressed
  • Add link to changelog in the settings menu


  • Request/response layout now stacks vertically at small sizes
  • (macOS) App header now responds to lack of stoplight buttons when in fullscreen